Tips Anti-Thieves-part 2

Time scale of the thief – a thief must act quickly, unless you do not speak of a private house or one in which it has a tip that the owners are not home (and that does not always apply in the case of flats her staircase). If he opens a door 10, 15 seconds, give up !. Therefore the major manufacturers of anti-burglary systems go on delaying the thief and not INABILITY opening of locks. Anyone can open any lock !!! Everything is a matter of time: 10-15 seconds from a thief to a locksmith, 10 min- 2 hours, or even more (the vast majority of customers want to stop using some of the door: hub or frog or wonder why …). The difference between thieves and us? Thief is determined to enter, no matter what it’s going and begin to gather and then run faster. We are called to customers and bag house where lost keys (most often) unlocked, remove the key, change the configuration key and … that’s it.                                                    There are getting crap in auto locks and flat !!!
(I am referring to both types of locks, ok?)
When a start key “hang” 99,999 of you getting into a hub quickly. Cooking oil, grease or graphite or silicone simple. No help at all! I would need more time and more drawings to explain why. A simpler say any of them for car spray chemicals containing an element in a large proportion: water. Guess what happens to water in winter. Exactly. The remaining chemicals will have evaporated long ago, but the water … no. If stocks house is even more tragic by rubbing im moving parts resulting from it something like a fine parings. In combination with oils and chemicals in products, all this mud resulting destroy a hub in about 6 months. There is also the graphite powder. Is that good, but do not help when moving parts of hubs (verturi, balls, caps, springs, etc.) is dull and no longer aligns and no longer do the job. Graphite is good only when you first sign of failure of the hub, you have not put nothing in it and go immediately to craftsman to repair or replace. Do not forget! thieves, thieves still remain. Have you wondered why manufacturers of locks and security systems, always bring improvements and are in constant change? Because thieves are always different methods, techniques burglary import all the time, their imagination is very rich and time (scale) who have very little available to cross a door or other safety system, determines to use ‘brute force ‘, so there are very few locks to resist’ ‘attack’ ‘to that, make sure you choose the type of locks, tell your well before making a choice. No door adorned with dozens of locks ‘dozen’, you will get your attention and thieves will do everything possible to ” break ”. Select a manufacturer dedicated. You will find on this site recognized brands that have decades of experience and who have gained prestige ” top ” by steadfastness against thieves. We are too busy and in a constant struggle with the daily stress that we can not afford the cheap stuff and bad. You influence your decision you and those around you. Indirectly, and thieves. Keep them away from you.