Mul-T-Lock Authorized Installer

maxresdefault  Mul-T-Lock Company, founded in 1973, is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high security applications for institutions, commercial, industrial and housing. Mul-T-Lock holds hundreds of international patents for its innovative products, which include cylinders, locks and padlocks, electromechanical locking systems, automated assemblies and machines for product keys and complementary accessories. The company sells its solutions through its seven branches in the UK, USA, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Argentina and Turkey, a distribution network in nearly 100 countries.       multlok04multlok05 (1)multlok06multlok07multlok08  images   Multi-Lockmultlok02


-reversible key protected by patent
-pine pine telescopic system protected by patent
-core barrel is grooved (rotating sphere technology) protected by patent
-protected against unauthorized opening of tools (skeleton key)

-interior of stainless steel pins and / or nickel silver
-vidi carbide to provide resistance against drilling
-software that generates unique key combinations


multlok01Mul-T-Lock Cylinders are made with high quality materials and advanced technologies. The closing within Mul-T-Lock products is patented.
May be included in the system KEY MASTER or KEY ALIKE.

watchlock-2Mul-T-Lock locks up to a high level concept of safety and protection offered by a padlock. Locking mechanism is protected by a steel casing, hook is treated with Boron.
May be included in the system KEY MASTER or KEY ALIKE.

Additional locking systems Mul-T-Lock design blends perfectly sure. Bolt is provided with two ball bearings to prevent tearing.
May be included in the system KEY MASTER or KEY ALIKE.

24584950-b058-4fb6-91e2-912f1e328458 Mul-T-Lock lock Multipoint. Closing is done in four directions. It is dedicated manufacturers of doors, because it requires special installation conditions. Comes with full set of accessories: Shild sites; cylinder protection; handles; bolts.

multlok11Electronic Mul-T-Lock 600. Designed for interior spaces MDS, MDS 600 provides the user with multiple settings, the code can be changed whenever desired, the keypad lights and emergency opening key.
May be included in the system KEY MASTER or KEY ALIKE.

OneKeyMul-T-Lock MASTER KEY – one key endless possibilities. Designed to help organizations in managing areas under maximum security.
MASTER KEY solution allows you to open all doors with one key while others can just open your doors indicated. MASTER KEY will allow you to be your own master.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASimple access control system integrated in the cylinder Mul-T-Lock Interactive – no cables, power supply is the only battery in the key. – Ideal for personal homes or businesses that need maximum security it with a special electronic mechanical key can not be copied except by special order from the manufacturer.                           User keys can be copied by card only by sending them to the manufacturer. smartdisc– Electronic system permits the exclusion of a key lost in the system (for each individual cylinder), as is done routinely with proximity cards for example. – The kit contains: cylinder Mul-T-Lock Interactive CLIQ 31x31mm, 3 user keys, one key and one card programming system code.

– User can copy keys by card just by sending them to the manufacturer. Instead, the key programming not reproduce.

– This system is stand alone type, but you can configure complex systems and Master Key.

– Cylinder comes with the cam but can be configured and pinion if you specify this.                                                          fiveThe Mul-T-Lock to have a hard thing for all that is called “hub three-in one”: buy a hub with three sets of keys with colored plastic heads in black, yellow and red. Do black key, right? After a month you realize that you have lost. Type the yellow key hub, rotate once complete and ready to ride!, Black key not working :). Yellow key simply break a small piece inside that leads to change key configuration (the “teeth”). After another month to see that you stole the key. A use on the reserve, enter the house of emergency, put the red key and repeat. Yellow key does not work anymore so who stole it or found it will not be able to use it.  Locksmithlockout Ltd Team, are authorized Mul-T-Lock mount, interventions in cases of downtime, technical support and advice for choosing safety system as needed. Our recommendation, as always, inform yourself.                                                                                                                 british_standard_kitemark           mul-t-lock 1