lock change

How to change a lock?

A lock change is a medium skilled task: How to change a lock is not as easy as it seems.  What you need to do first is: decide what types of lock you have installed on your door, window or cabinet. Because it is usually cheaper to replace them,  locks are not worth repairing to any great extent. You should, however, we have a supply of spare parts for your locks. There are many types of locks ! For the sake of simplicity we will list only the most common:

  • key-in-knob lock – installed in many homes
    lock change key in knob


  • lever-lock – basically the same thing as key-in-knob lock but with a lever(replacing the knob)








  •  Mortice lock – the classic sash lock :


How to change a lock?  Second : measure the backset

backset of a door

backset of a door

More on this topic ? Check this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN6rFMIvBnI

For this operation you’ll have to take out the lock and use a measuring tape. In case the lock is missing… You’ll need to measure the distance between the centre of the key hole and the closest edge of your door.

Third  : Multipoint Lock change – Identify the Manufacturer

Check the faceplate and the gearbox on the lock for the manufacturer’s name or logo. There are hundreds of multipoint locks on the market and your lock is likely to bear one of the following logos to the right.

If there is no logo stamped on the faceplate or gearbox, it is likely that the lock is manufactured by ABT, Millenco, Weru or it is an older version of Fullex or KFV. Please refer to the brands in the catalogue or contact us for help identifying your locks.

Following questions needs being answered:

Q1: What kind of faceplate end?

A: Round end (Radius)

B: Square End(Flat)

lock change multipoint faceplate end

What kind of faceplate End?







Q2: How many locking points?

Answer may comprise following combinations between  : Lock point 1, Lock point 2 , ….. Lock point 5 :

Lock points may be: Centre Case/Gearbox, Latch, Euro Cutout, Faceplate, Serations, Shootbolt.

lock change - locking points

How many Locking points?