Hackney Locksmith

Hackney Locksmith– very high crime in certain areas of London, led us to approach this issue very seriously and we support you with tips, tricks, details of which have not yet taken into consideration when it comes to your safety , your family and the house and property that define you and that we all keep. An area such as Hackney and compel more serious safety measures and our role of those in Hackney Locksmith Ltd, is to convince you not to treat this lightly, our everyday experiences, convinced us that most residents, including those in Hackney, lived or can go at any time through bad experiences and you do not and have never wanted. Nothing is superfluous when it comes to the peace and safety of your home and family. Each time you intervene at the request of any client, see despair and frustration on their faces and we are assaulted with questions that they had to know the answer to a long time ago but deceived by the idea that they can not be happening even their earned the traumatic situation to regret. A simple lock or padlock can make the difference between safety and disaster, especially when you live in Hackney, our advice is to that one: inform yourself and makes no compromise for the safety of your family. Criminals, especially thieves are very inventive, no fear, no recoil and operates very quickly, that must be one step ahead of them, to know who we face, what can happen to us, but especially what we need to do. Thieves have imported a number of methods from other countries, which removes any locking system. I use a spray with nitrogen, which by pressure difference, freezes puzzling. It becomes brittle and break with the screwdriver. Enter the house faster than the owner and with less noise, because there is no key out. Usually thieves acting in groups of 2-3 people. After watching the area for several days, check the locking system and if it is connected to the alarm. Then take action. The whole process will take 10-15 minutes. Perhaps, living in Hackney, you already know this but thought to keep them away gave you chills because the adopted solutions do not work, the advice received or heard are elusive and uncertainty following you everywhere.

Identify vulnerabilities house:

identify vulnerabilities location and setting appropriate ways to manage them.

“Both in the case of an apartment in a building, and the courtyard of a house, should be considered the two barriers that can ‘lift’ against criminals like concentric circles around protected ‘

It is important to secure entrance and block access roads in the apartment (including windows and balconies) for the first case, the adjacent area (fence and garden) and any potential entrance (include in this category the garage doors or Annexes corresponding to the home) for the second case.

In order to increase safety for an apartment, Hackney Locksmith recommend:

● install an intercom system or access control entry in scale;

● Ensure proper basement doors, patios or more inputs;

● check that the damping device mounted on the front door allows complete closing thereof;

● take necessary measures so that the block hallways and landings to have good lighting;

● access door in the house to be made of a material resistant to mechanical and thermal;

● frame in the insurance schemes, to be strengthened with metal reinforcement and be anchored in the wall;

● requires good fixing hinges and door frame;

● be a door opening limiting device (safety chain);

● door are provided with a secure locking system, eventually closing at several points;

● any clasp became inoperable to be replaced in no time;

● acquire locks / insurance to match in terms of safety standards;

● Install an alarm system connected to a security company dispatcher;

● if the court houses and apartments where you can access it by climbing is useful to protect your windows with metal lattice whose grips must be embedded in the wall, and the spaces between the bars to be small; ● curtains or blinds can protect the house from prying eyes.

For homes in the yard:

● use a video surveillance system for outdoor perimeter protection or any other activity recording yard and will warn penetration foreign persons;

● Install a lighting device with motion sensors;

For extra safety it is important to keep in mind the following measures:

● call on the advisory services of Hackney Locksmith Ltd, choose the best solution for protecting your home;

● harmoniously together with the electronic mechanical means, for better protection;

● purchase those locks / insurance, alarm and video surveillance corresponding security standards;

● Choose keyed locks that can not be easily replicated; ● contact Hackney Locksmith Ltd in order to install and monitor a security system and for intervention in case of burglary.


Avoid talking about valuables that you have in the house;

Do not allow to house people you do not know;

a light on or a radio in operation may confuse potential uninvited guests when they leave the house at night;

in the case of long absences from home, tell the only people who you trust. Ask them to supervise home, or to act so as not to miss you;

when you need to load the luggage for a trip, do it discreetly so as not to attract attention;

do not leave messages on the answering machine whose content to inform them about those who will call you or the leave program. Do not send such data nor those who communicate on social networks;

Avoid hosting for whom you have no evidence and verified
(you are a call away from us, Hackney Locksmith for any questions or concerns) -Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, may be too late. We, at Hackney Locksmith, we faced with many experiences, we are able to say that the fight – Thieves vs Hackney Locksmith-, I went winners, and our credibility on satisfied customers is the greatest satisfaction that makes us to go further and thieves already know one thing: as there Hackney Locksmith, they will expect …. very, very long time. If you read this article, you are already at the door in Hackney Locksmith. Come, we are here!