Bromley Locksmith-Tips anti-thieves-part 1

Whether you live in a residential quarter or live in a bustling suburb, the risk of being ‘visited’ ‘There are thieves everywhere. We go through everyday experiences and situations encountered when we did ask us to believe that many of you treated this aspect of home security obviously and family with superficiality and lack of involvement in making the most basic measures that , Bromley Locksmith supports you and has the ‘home safety guide’, things that you should remember very well, acquiring and compliance with these tips will mean peace and safety of our little universe family, home. So:                                                                                                                                                              -Locks-
The mechanism is driven by the hub and which in turn acts a language that enters the door frame. And nothing more. If the key does not work, push the lock has no heel. If the hub is broken in half (as we shall see later) lock mechanism becomes visible and manageable with a simple screwdriver. If the shield (we will see later) allow drilling the lock mechanism becomes visible and vulnerable. Language locks, in turn, may be vulnerable to torsion or acid attack (in which case I met a thief put a few drops of acid on a daily lock-visible language, moreover, because the distance between the frame and the door was about 7 millimeters. There has succeeded: with battery acid you need about 300 years to dissolve a language that’s why). Protection: buy a lock with steel plate. It’s easy to check and viewed: there clasp visibly affixed on the outside, by welding or bolts, a steel plate that prevents drilling the lock. A thief does not just have a hole 5-6 mm in diameter (just above the hub mounted lock) to put there a 2mm steel wire with a “beak” specially made to drive the machine, making hub useless. The scale of 10-15 seconds is reached (we talk about scale later).                                                                                                                                                                                 -The hub;
The hub must withstand three attacks: pull – breaking. In the middle of the hub, just below the lock mechanism acting piece. When you buy a hub and put the key on one side and another few seconds and play with it. The only moving part is in the middle and would like to see it spinning is ?. is a threaded hole. That way between the screw that secures the key in the lock. Thief, if you allow escutcheon (shield), catch hub with an adjustable wrench, or simply a patent healthier, make left-right movements 2-3 and break half Hub visible the outside, leaving visible lock mechanism , put the screwdriver and … episode follows that it did not want one. Solution: smart producers (CISA, ABUS, Multi-Lock) broke simply two sides of the hub and mounted in the middle of a high alloy steel pill, or vidi, as you know this material. Not to mention that almost all dropped their old bronze hubs have made more resistant materials, plus pill. The emergence of this pill solve a problem: strength and range of motion that a thief should exercise them on the hub to break should be phenomenal thing he will not ever succeed him.                                  -Drilling-  According to some urban legends give the thief a hole in the block and enter the house. Not true and complicated at the same time. If the hole in the hub would destroy all that is in the hub. To give you an idea, a hub banal, whose key has 5 teeth, is not less than 19 moving parts (only half outside). Not to mention the need to clean the inside of the hole somehow chips and burrs bronze scrap steel springs, release the entire field of work, the drive mechanism frog … The scale of 10-15 seconds is going to hell. Only desperate and dilettantes do that. However, manufacturers have found solutions: May all those listed above hubs made of steel and additionally they have put in so-called “anti-drilling protection”: one or two tiny bars of alloy steel that are sufficient to advancing a drill permit only a half a quarter of millimeter.Nu go into details, but these bars are visible and can give you certainly do not give money for nothing if you choose to buy. Disclaimer: safety protection afforded by anti-drilling hub is totally different from that conferred the escutcheon (shield).                                                                                                                            -Sleep- Here comes the problem and also the first sign of alarm as hotu ‘will put bad thoughts. Your greatest majority have at least two locks on the door: the “down”, with handle, shield and hub. That lock that quickly close or pull up behind you when you go down with a beer boys, the one I call “lock service.” Pac-pac, shut sit a bit, I came ready! BE IT LOCKS attack. There are also lock “up”, the “safety” of the morning went to work, you pulled the door behind you, but that close on top. We speak of only two bolts can be 3 or 4 (I would not recommend: attention and make them thieves to think about a treasure. Interest thief is to work as little as possible and to deceive your alertness or when you are gone, neighbors or neighbors. interest thief is to work as little, what? you forbidden to use one of the bolts. How?-simple, a toothpick tip or a drop of “super-glue” or a pin or a piece of paper clip placed at your hub morning 2-3-4 top; you find something in one of the hubs on your door or you can not use one of the frogs, whatever it is, STAY HOME !!! Somebody put bad thoughts! You watched and made his ideas you. Yes a call from a friend to help you out or stay at home to fix the hub or replace it. For inactivation of a hub or a lock, call, Bromley Locksmith is ready to intervene. The phase drop of super glue does not really have what to do: do not dilute in petrol and prefer to advise the client to simply change the hub.                                                                                                                                       -Shield-
-Is the metal plate that contains the handle and around the hub. The access door or outdoor, it should really not just ornamental. If the thief break shield, the lock mechanism becomes vulnerable and better leave the door open. The producers chose two ways to strengthen them: dressing a plate more or less massive special steel with something ornamental or, simply, that its manufacture of steel combined with other metals or alloys (copper, nickel, chromium, etc.) so as to make it nice and enjoyed and eye. Most shield pill contain so-called anti-drilling.    Made of steel and more especially, it is located right in front of the round part of the hub, where enter key and is made to spin with hot drill with a hypothetical wants to pierce hub. Bromley Locksmith recommend warmly. If the shield is quality, so is the pill and then with a screwdriver or other tool steel it can not break or crack. In case this happens, the two halves of the tablet remain in place and prevents any access to the hub. And yours, it’s true, but the thief. Shield must have another feature: screws were not visible from the outside. And screws are made of special materials pass through or over or under lock can not collapsible than inside. What is meant shield? As the thief can not remove it, hub holes or simply put a crowbar between him and the door and break it.
-Door-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Metal, I understand, but which? The doors of thousands of pounds are simply a sandwich of two plates placed on an ordinary iron pipe rectangular embellished with some tights that mimic all kinds of wood species. Even the tables are nicely shaped with all kinds of designs and even, supreme idiocy! Windows. A real door has the same frame, same table, but steel and thickness ranging from 2 to 5-6 mm. Some of them are reinforced, that still have a corrugated sheet between two celelelte, giving a honeycomb somehow. And all but the doors Serious foam inside. The foam has often antiphonal role, but there are companies that use fire and foam, ie fireproof. Here comes an element which nobody gives importance.                                                                                                                                                               -Door frame-
-when you buy a door, most often you installed a couple of guys. In most cases, even you have not seen it before installation. I put up, a fall of wall space, ii welded wire reinforced concrete four 4 mm from the left and the right, put foam and … so .. A door is placed in the space wall anchors are installed at least 3 at least 10 mm and left and right (total 6) and two above, then filled with concrete being filled. Concrete, prepared formula 1 + 1, ie a measure of cement and sand one. Warning: Most do not accept it. They prefer to put 5-6 doors “free mounting” a day to collect bribes and go. Installing a door should last, along with balancing, strengthening concrete and final sample of frogs, at least 6 hours. Why? With a crowbar is extremely easy to bandy door frame. Place crowbar in the right language and strong pull towards outside once. Then put crowbar deeper and repeat the movement. No door-that does not withstand more than three pullups. We, at Bromley Locksmith, we have witnessed countless robberies in which the owner was crying in front of the door lamenting, “God, and how much money I gave this door …”. Gave vain if the “door” allowed bending, not to mention the casement, as evidenced by such an ‘intrusion’. , so … Do not be fooled by the idea ‘I can not even happen to me’. Not true. Thieves will always exist, but if they are informed and take appropriate action, we will certainly unpleasant surprises we will ‘visit’. Sincerely from Bromley team Locksmith